Meet the Team


President/Founder: Brian Saulsberry (pictured top left)

Backyard Sports Lacrosse was started in 2019 by Brian Saulsberry. Brian is currently a collegiate lacrosse player at Baldwin Wallace in Cleveland, Ohio where he is majoring in sports management.
He has been playing lacrosse for 13 years and is a graduate of Houston High School.
While at Houston, he received 2x All-Region, 2018 All-Metro Finalis, and Varsity Team Captain.


Vice-President: Mack McKinney (pictured top right)
Years of Coaching Experience: 12

College Attended/Position: University of Mississippi, University of Texas. Played Middie.
Why you like working with Backyard Sports: "I want to grow the game of lacrosse. Backyard Sports provides an opportunity for me to partner with the best coaches and professional players on the planet, and to deliver impactful and measurable sports skill development for our players."
Assistant Coach/Program Director: Chuck Smith (not pictured) 
Years of Coaching Experience: 10
Women's Coach: Sydney Jones (pictured bottom left)

Years of Coaching Experience: 5

College Attended/Position: Shorter University, Goalie

Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: "I love being able to coach lacrosse skills in a more individualized setting with a focus on enhancing speed, agility, and stick skills."


Event Coordinator/Women's Coach: Rachelle Haddad-Martinez (pictured bottom middle)

Years of Coaching Experience: 8 

College Attended/Position: Washington College, Goalie 

Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: "Sports saved my life growing up and being able to be apart of a program that has a goal of making sports more accessible to our youth is an amazing thing. Backyard Sports promotes diversity and inclusion on and off the field which sets a great tone for the athletes and their families. Kids are the future….Backyard Sports is creating and unmatchable Legacy."


Women's Coach: Cassidy Jones (pictured bottom right)

Years of Coaching Experience: 1

College Attended/Position: Anderson University, Attack

Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: "I love being able to coach and make connections with people who share the same passion as me!"


Women's Coach: Audrey Still (not pictured) 

Years of Coaching Experience: 2

College Attended/Position: Florida Southern College, Defense 
Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: "I remember when I was in middle and high school, the only opportunities for camps and or clinics were in other states. My parents had to fork out tons of money on flights, rental cars, and gas just for me to attend those and I admire Backyard Sports for bringing those aspects of lacrosse to the greater Memphis area. I really enjoy being apart of this team because I now have the privilege to give the female players in Memphis an opportunity I never had! Lacrosse truly changed my life and I love spreading that love to younger players while also watching the sport grow in the south."
Reagan Rukstad: Womens Coach - Maryville University (not pictured)

Years of Coaching Experience: 8 years

Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: "I am so excited to be a part of Backyard Dports! It is such an awesome program with experienced, friendly coaches who are welcoming to all. Backyard Sports is a great opportunity for young athletes to learn the game and get better. I love being able to share my knowledge and love of lacrosse through coaching and helping these young athletes. Backyard Sports is an engaging and amazing program that I am happy to be a part of."
Landen SaulsberrySpeed /Agility/ Strength Coach - Mississippi St. (not pictured)
Coach Saulsberry working to obtain a degree in Kinesiology Major and is ISSA CERTIFIED.

Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: "I’m excited to work for Backyard Sports, seeing athletes accomplish their goals and exceed their expectations helps me grow as a coach every day."

Boys Lacrosse  Coach: Edwin Shy

Years of Experience: Began playing lax in 5th grade for Buzzards, played 6th-8th grades for No Excuse, played varsity at MUS throughout high school, played club for Annapolis Hawks in high school, currently a sophomore midfielder at UNC

Why you enjoying working with Backyard Sports: “I am extremely excited to be a coach for Backyard Sports and be a mentor to students of the game of lacrosse. I wish to impart my knowledge and skills onto the next generation of Memphis athletes.”